About AY Gross

About Me

Hi! I am AY Gross and I’m originally from Cleveland, OH.

I’ve always enjoyed a very close relationship with my fantastic grandfather, Dr. Jeff Gross. When I was in 7th grade, my grandfather generously offered to teach me everything he knew about photography. He had been taking pictures since the 1960s and wanted to show me how rewarding and also challenging the medium could be.

I’ll admit now that I agreed to be his student mostly so I would have an excuse to spend more time with him! As our lessons progressed however, I realized that I enjoyed the art almost as much as I enjoyed the instruction (and the instructor!). I was hooked. I loved how photography let me look at everyday things like a flower or a lake and decide with my camera that this simple thing could be captured and made into art.

I spent my high school years busy, taking both classes and pictures. During that time, I happily took pictures of families and of small simchas. Coming to yeshiva in Israel in 2017, I quickly realized that there was need in the Anglo community for quality photography at a reasonable price. I have proudly served as a photographer here in Israel since then.

I love photographing families; watching them interact and the dynamics between all the different members. I specialize in photographing kids. Keeping them happy and engaged is my number one priority. I love watching them as they delight in the small, seemingly mundane details of our gorgeous world. And you will love how natural and happy the photos are. I try to keep my prices reasonable and my turnaround times (unreasonably) fast. I want you and your family to enjoy your new pictures as quickly as possible. I usually answer questions within 24 hours. I am looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your gang!