Some Commonly asked question

  • The best advice is to choose clothes that you feel comfortable in, and that are simple and neutral as possible.
  • Here is a great Pinterest board with some color ideas.
  • Choose clothes without an illustration, text or logo.
  • For adults, one plain color is best – although bear in mind that plain black or white clothes don’t photograph that well.
  • Should you wear a watch? Yes, if it’s a piece of jewelry. No, if it’s constantly lighting up with incoming text notifications.

Lighting wise the “golden hour” (1 hour before sunset) is ideal. But it more important for your kids to be happy and well rested when they come to the session. If that’s in the middle of the day, then we will find a shady area.

I check the weather a day or two before the session, if rain is predicted we will simply reschedule for another date. If you have a indoor location that can be an option as well. 

I offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. I will deliver them within 10 business days* of your session. You will receive your images on an online gallery in full resolution ready to be printed.




*Unless noted otherwise

Yes! Every picture is individually edited to fit my natural style. Extensive editing requests will be an extra charge.

For those living in Israel I offer high quality prints, printed in Israel. For Americans visiting Israel I offer products shipped directly to your door in America!

Album and Photobook design are available at an additional cost.

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